Water Heater Repair For “Rotten Egg Smell”

Water Heater RepairHere’s the scene. You’re taking a shower or rinsing off some dishes in the kitchen sink when a rank odor hits you like a nasal brick – a nasty smell that makes you think someone just tossed a half dozen rotten eggs into the room. Unless someone actually did toss some stinky eggs, what you’re smelling is hydrogen sulfide gas, and it’s presence is a likely indicator that your water heater is need of repair.  Don’t despair! With one call to American Comfort’s One Hour Heating & AC, our Chicago area professionals can handle that problem quickly and effectively.

The Cause

Rotten egg odor occurs when bacteria in your water heater reacts with anodes in the unit. An anode is a device that extends the life of your water heater by attracting attracts corrosive materials so that they don’t damage the inside of the tank. While some plumbers may recommend that your anode be removed to get rid of the odor, all that will do is ensure your tank suffers rust damage all the sooner. In all likelihood, it will also void your warranty, so we don’t recommend that course of action.

The Cure

Try these steps first before calling an HVAC or plumbing company for water heater repair:

  1.  Turn off the water heater’s water valve.
  2.  Open a hot faucet nearby.
  3.  Drain some water from the tank and pour in a few pints of hydrogen peroxide.
  4.   Make sure the tank is secure, turn the valve back on and let the water run. This should clear up the problem.

If these steps don’t solve the problem, call our team at American Comfort’s One Hour and we’ll dispatch a well trained, certified technician to your home to diagnose things and perform any necessary water heater repairs. It could be that the anode needs replaced. If your unit has other problematic signs and is showing its age, replacement might be the best option. Whatever the problem is, and whatever the best course of action is, we can handle it in fast, trustworthy and expert fashion. Depending on your location, contact us at either of these numbers to schedule an appointment:

North & Northwest Chicago (773) 295-2970

North & Northwest Suburbs (847) 296-3444

Dupage County (630) 246-2199

And if you’ve ever experienced “rotten egg” smell due to your water heater, we’d love it if you’d share your story with us. Leave a comment below, or click on your favorite social media button (top or bottom of page). And if the root cause of the odor WAS actual rotten eggs, well, that’s certainly a story worth sharing as well!

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