Three Signs You Are in Need of Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump RepairThe first freeze has come and gone and cold rain and snow are now hitting the streets. Chances are, you will begin to activate your thermostat as the mercury drops alongside the temperature. If your home is not heated properly, you will want help sooner than later. At American Comfort’s One Hour, we know how to troubleshoot your system and can provide Chicago HVAC repair or heat pump repair. If you own a heat pump, here are three signs your system needs help:

Ineffective Heating

A heat pump transfers the warm air into your home. You already know what your house should feel like when it is properly heated. If you noticed rooms are much cooler than they should be, you may be in need of Chicago HVAC repair.

Problems Turning On or Off

If you know the heating cycle is supposed to begin but your system isn’t turning on, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Similarly, if your heat pump will not start despite being switched on manually, or if it causes your circuit breaker to trip repeatedly, odds are you are in need of professional Chicago HVAC repair.


Lastly, a sure sign that something may be amiss is if you hear grinding or squealing in the heat pump. This can also occur along the ductwork. If you hear noises, turn off your unit right away and call our specialists at American Comfort’s One Hour. We can provide quick, reliable heat pump repair so you aren’t left out in the cold. Contact us at (773) 295-2970.

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