Save Money with a New Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump InstallationWhen colder temperatures come to town, it is important that you have a good heating system in place. Although some find that an electric water heater suits them just fine, many people are turning to a heat pump water heater because it has the potential to save them approximately one fifth of their electricity bill. When you are looking for a new heat pump installation, look no further than American Comfort’s One Hour.

What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Heat pump water heaters are the newest and hottest thing in the water heater world. Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator but in reverse. While refrigerators keep your food cold by pushing warm air out and keeping cold air in, heat pump water heaters pull warmth from the surrounding air to make the water hot and push out cool air. They use less energy than standard electric water heaters, which essentially work by heating water with an electrified piece of metal. Many utility companies throughout the nation are recognizing the heat pump water heater’s huge potential to save on energy costs, and so many are offering rebates in addition to state and federal tax credits. In fact, the federal government has already mandated that by the year 2015, all large industrial sized water heaters undergo a heat pump installation.

A New Heat Pump from American Comfort’s One Hour is the Answer

American Comfort’s One Hour is the area’s top choice for Elk Grove Village HVAC. To find out more about if a new heat pump installation is right for you, call us at 773-295-2970.

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