Regular Boiler Services Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

Boiler ServicesIt’s that time of year again—freezing time. Cold weather is already in full swing in Chicago, as a mix of snow and freezing temperatures have residents reaching for winter jackets and their thermostat knobs. Before cranking up the heat, local safety officials recommend completing a few basics, like routine maintenance furnace and boiler services. Let our specialists at American Comfort’s One Hour take care of your heating system needs, from cleaning to repair to replacement.

Avoid Issues

If you are just turning on your furnace for the first time this year, you might notice it isn’t working as well as you’d like. Perhaps the rooms are not heating evenly – or at all. If you have an older system or a system that is not operating properly, your home will not warm the way it should and your utility bills may be higher than they should be. You can boost your system’s efficiency by contacting a Chicago heating service and requesting an inspection. Local technicians recommend:

  • Regularly changing the filters in your unit
  • Cleaning out any debris in the unit or ductwork, which may require professional help
  • Utilize annual inspections that provide furnace or boiler services

One way our technicians at American Comfort’s One Hour can help is by checking the flue of your system and looking for potential leaks, which can cause heat loss and higher utility bills. The local fire department also recommends having a working carbon monoxide detector to protect you and your family in the event of a gas leak.

Taking the right precautions, like regular furnace or boiler services, can mean a safer winter. Contact us at (773) 295-2970 to schedule an appointment today.

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