Furnace Repair Service Hanover Park IL

Furnace Repair Service Hanover Park IL

Although you may not think about it often, your HVAC system is heavily relied upon in your home for comfortable and healthy air. If your HVAC system is inefficient or malfunctions your home can become quite uncomfortable and so can your home’s energy bills.

If you need furnace repair service Hanover Park IL experts recommend these tips:

Don’t Wait

Perhaps you have noticed your home doesn’t heat like it used to or maybe your furnace has started to making some unusual noises. The sooner you get help for your system, the better. The longer you let problems fester, the bigger and more expensive they become. Before that loud noise becomes a non-working furnace in the middle of the night when it is 20 degrees out, call our experts for help.

Know When to Repair and When to Replace

Knowing when to repair your HVAC system as opposed to replacing it can be difficult. You want a system that you can trust to work when you need it, yet you want to make a sound financial decision. Experts recommend using what is called the 5,000 rule when you are faced with this dilemma. Take the age of your furnace and multiply it by the price it will take to fix it. If your final number exceeds $5,000 then it is better to replace it. For example, if your furnace is 5 years old and the repair will cost you $800, it is better just to have it repaired.

For air conditioning and furnace repair service Hanover Park IL residents trust AC One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. We are fully licensed in Illinois and perform background checks on all of our employees. Homeowners have trusted us for all of their HVAC needs for over two decades. Give us a call today at (847)-296-3444 to schedule your HVAC service, inspection, or installation!