Furnace Installation Service Schaumburg IL

Trust One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning for Schaumburg Furnace Installations

For furnace installation service Schaumburg IL residents regularly look to One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. As a U-Win contractor, our customers know that we always strive to meet customer needs through excellent HVAC service. That’s why we hire the friendliest, most reliable and educated technicians in the business to perform your furnace installation and service.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacement

The Chicago area can have brutal stretches during winter that require furnaces to work extra hard. Therefore, it’s no surprise that even the most well maintained furnace will eventually need repair. Even if you think your furnace is working well, it often gives off telltale signs that it is getting old and tired. If you hear strange noises, odd smells, experience uneven heating or short cycling where your furnace turns on and off frequently, these are often signs that your furnace is nearing the end of its useful life.

Trustworthy Recommendations

When a technician tells you that you need a new furnace, the last thing that you need is worrying about whether your contractor will attempt to sell you the largest possible unit. Frankly, it doesn’t work that way. Our staff knows how to properly size your home so that you can choose the furnace that best meets your heating needs. Units that are too big or too small will waste energy and money and have a shortened life.

Proper Installation is Also Crucial

How well your system operates also depends on the quality of the installation. That’s why we only employ trained, experienced and certified technicians who attend periodic seminars to remain abreast of the latest industry standards. You’ll never have to worry that you’re getting an outdated system or inferior work. To schedule a free consultation for furnace installation service Schaumburg IL residents trust, call One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning at 847-296-3444.