U-Win HVAC Contractor

U-Win HVAC ContractorA U·WIN endorsed HVAC contractor agrees to a strict standard of ethics including: random drug testing, complete background checks on employees (as law permits), 100% satisfaction guarantee, maintain highest degree of customer service and much more. All to ensure a great service experience.

Doing business with a U·WIN endorsed contractor promises:

  • The technician/salesperson working in your home has been:
  • Background tested
  • Randomly drug tested (as laws permit)
  • Trained properly
  • The contractor has signed the U·WIN Code of Ethics.
  • The U·WIN contractor has current Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • The contractor is licensed to work in the state/province they are doing business in.
  • The contractor has posted either a letter of credit, bond, or cash deposit in the amount of $20,000 to U·WIN, LLC to cover resolutions.
  • U·WIN will always provide 100% homeowner satisfaction.

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