American Comfort’s Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics:

  • Code of EthicsTime – First and foremost we respect our customers’ time. We are “Always on Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime! ®”. No questions asked.
  • Integrity – We are forthright and truthful in our dealings with customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders. We keep our promises.
  • Respect for the Law – We adhere to all governing laws, regulations and ordinances that pertain to the HVAC industry as prescribed by federal, state, municipal and county governments. We practice proper financial and accounting procedures in accordance with all laws governing a privately held business.
  • Excellence – We design, install, service and repair HVAC systems and parts in strict accordance with the highest industry standards.
  • Safety & Reputation – We maintain a clean, safe, respectable and reputable place of business that reflects the high standards of the ONE HOUR® brand.
  • Teamwork – We support each member of the team to strengthen the brand and build successful long-term relationships.
  • Service – We maintain the highest degree of customer service to encourage repeat business and enduring relationships with our customers.
  • Respect for Others – We treat our customers, fellow employees and other industry professionals with the utmost respect.
  • Privacy – We show the greatest respect for the sanctity of our customers’ homes and their privacy.
  • Competition – We value fair competition. We advertise, promote and market our brand fairly and accurately and in a manner that reflects the high standards of the ONE HOUR brand.

Code of Ethics -Vision

A shared vision is powerful and it communicates what we want to be. Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid said the following. “The first thing you do is teach the person to feel that the vision is very important and nearly impossible. That draws out the drive in winners.” We acknowledge that there are many ways to implement a shared vision.

Code of Ethics – Mission

A mission or our purpose explains why we exist. At American Comfort One Hour Air Services: “We serve people with the highest degree of honesty and business integrity”

First Class Business Ethics in business are simply a set of beliefs that describe how a company will morally navigate through all the areas in which it operates. Our business actions must always be conducted in the most honorable, honest, and ethical matter

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