Mini-Split Installation in Elk Grove Village

Mini-Split Installation in Elk Grove Village and the Surrounding Areas

Built with an indoor air handler and outdoor condenser, mini-split HVAC systems can be mounted virtually on any wall or ceiling for use. Mini split systems are also a cost effective investment over time due to their ductless system preventing energy loss through duct leaks. Also, being able to control each unit individually in each room can result in savings due to better indoor air and temperature monitoring. These benefits, and more, make mini split HVACs an incredibly flexible, unsurprisingly popular, and highly recommended choice for residential and commercial properties alike.

Mini Splits Installation Service and Repairs from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

The installation of mini-split HVAC systems in your home or commercial property can lead to savings as the years go by only if they are installed and maintained properly. In fact, after the initial installation, maintenance and repairs should be timely and done properly. It is important therefore to hire certified professional who get it right from the start. Mini split installation and repair service providers should at least offer:

  • Installation
  • Repairs (including emergency repairs)
  • Maintenance (including tune-ups and inspections)

Another important aspect of mini split installation, repairs, and maintenance services is that of customer service. Service providers should be available and friendly, as well as, knowledgeable. Be sure that the mini-split HVAC systems service provider you work with checks all the above boxes.

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