Four romantic ideas for springtime bliss

Four romantic ideas for springtime bliss

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It’s easy to get excited for spring, all the gorgeous sunlight streaming through the home can make it extra relaxing for you and your spouse. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Elk Grove Village, IL has a few simple ideas to help add some romance to your home environment this spring. These ideas will set the tone for more relaxation, fun times, and spontaneous conversation at home. We all spend too much time stressing over day to day work, bills, and errands. It can be all too easy to forget about showing the ones we love our commitment and appreciation. These ideas are small ways to show you care that give you more opportunities to share in your love for one another.

  1. Set a different tone. Pick one room to create a relaxing change to surprise your loved one. Do you have a room that’s stopped serving its primary purpose? For example, if you have piles of bills on your dining room table and it looks more like an office than a place to eat, this would be a good area to refocus back to relaxing time together. Likewise, a kitchen that’s clutter-ridden with toys on the ground and sunglasses and other random items on the counters won’t feel as inviting for cooking. Take twenty minutes to clear out the room, gathering items that don’t belong. Place a small vase of freshly cut flowers or an attractive candle out to designate the room’s restored purpose. This small action shows thoughtfulness and invites more enjoyment of the room.
  2. Calendar some special time together. Just as we set aside time for appointments and activities for the kids, we have to prioritize couples time. You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant or something elaborate to spend quality time, but you do need to set it aside. Plan a meal to cook together at home or play a board game together some weekend to relax.One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning
  3. Keep it cool. Make sure coming home from a long day is a relaxing time by setting the thermostat on a timer. Keep it a little warmer for daytime while you’re away, and have it set cooler for before you arrive so that both of you can relax. Make sure your AC is ready to perform this season with AC repair service in Elk Grove Village, IL.
  4. Plan an at home movie night. Pick one of your “classics”, find a movie you saw together when you first started dating to rekindle some enjoyment. Plan some fun movie night treats. Making your own caramel corn or kettle corn is an easy way to do something special for your spouse. Don’t forget some wine, beer, or a favorite beverage to go with the treats.

We’re looking forward to another beautiful spring at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Elk Grove Village, IL. Let us help you get ready with AC repair service in Elk Grove Village, IL today. Call us at 847-296-3444.

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