Don’t Get Caught Unprepared for Spring

AC tune-up service in Elk Grove Village, IL

As the weather starts to warm up and our Illinois winter comes to a halt, make sure you and your family are ready to be comfortable all spring and summer long by getting your annual AC tune-up service in Elk Grove Village, IL. With a winter of little to no use, now is the ideal time to get the job done.

Here’s the difference between being unprepared and being ready when it comes to the warmer months you want to rely on your AC when you need it from the friendly technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Elk Grove Village, IL.

Unprepared #1: The day you finally need your AC, it makes a weird humming sound and breaks down, leaving your family sweating and grumpy. You call for a repair, and of course we arrive quickly and on time, but it turns out your compressor needs to be replaced. The bill isn’t outrageous, but it costs a lot more than getting a one hour maintenance visit and you wish you’d done that instead. Your spouse shakes their head at you for forgetting the appointment.

Instead #1: You turn on the AC now that it’s a hot enough day to need it, everyone feels happy to come indoors to relax for a bit and escape the heat. The kids are chilling and playing at the kitchen table and you and your spouse get a little downtime and lemonade because you had your AC maintenance appointment so everything was ready to go.

Unprepared #2: Pollen is in the air big time and your springtime allergies are acting up. You go inside to get away from the outdoors but are still suffering. You’ve been to busy to remember to get your AC service done and it’s been about three years since a certified HVAC specialist took a look. You also keep forgetting to grab that new air filter at the hardware store and so it’s been more than six months since the last change. You also notice the house is getting dusty more quickly.

AC tune-up service in Elk Grove Village, IL

Instead #2: Just as the flowers start to bloom and grasses pollinate you remember to change your air filter. Plus, since you had an AC tune up and all your ductwork is clean, it’s a relief to be indoors.

Unprepared #3: As you turn on your AC for the season, you notice some rooms feel cooled and other seem to retain heat like crazy. It’s so uneven you end up spending all your time in a couple rooms instead of enjoying the whole house and feel cooped up as a result.

Instead #3: At your AC tuneup, you mention the uneven cooling your noticing between rooms so your technician does a pressure check as part of the normal routine. He’s able to adjust settings and help you make sure all your registers are venting properly so you can enjoy air conditioning anywhere in the home.

Sure these scenarios are somewhat over the top, but the kinds of annoyances we deal with when we avoid home maintenance are real. If it’s time for an ac tuneup service in Elk Grove Village, IL, give One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Elk Grove Village, IL a call at 847-296-3444 today.

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