Zoning Systems in Elk Grove Village

Zoning Systems in Elk Grove Village and the Surrounding Areas

Arzel Zoning Systems in Elk Grove Village

Zoning Systems in Elk Grove Village

Arzel® has been the industry leader for the latest in retrofit zoning products. We have also dedicated ourselves to confronting the challenges posed by the ever-changing face of HVAC technology. Our research and development focus has been, and always will be, specific to zoning products. Our product lines include dampers for all sizes and configurations of ductwork. We have developed the HeatPumPro™, which is the industry’s first integrated control panel and zoning solution for high-efficiency heat pumps. We also now have the Zonocity™ kit, which is our zoning control package designed for small duct, high velocity (SDHV) systems. For Zoning Systems in Elk Grove Village, please reach out to us today!

Zoning Warranty

Arzel’s warranty coverage is the best in the industry. All our panels are covered for five (5) years and our dampers are covered for ten (10) years under a full parts, labor and markup warranty. All Arzel ® warranties are transferable and stay with the equipment.

Reliable HVAC Products

Arzel’s product reliability is only one of the reasons contractors who use Arzel® once end up staying with our system. We pride ourselves on superior customer service throughout every step of the process. In addition to selling directly to licensed HVAC contractors, American Comfort’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Chicago has several distributors across the country so no matter where you’re located you can get the product you need in a timely fashion. We also staff a toll-free help line for contractors to get assistance with design, installation questions and technical assistance.

AirBoss® Series

The AirBoss® zone control takes command of heating and cooling equipment. Features include built-in LAT monitoring which provides additional staging controls and a built-in fossil fuel kit. The panel’s Energy Conservation Cycle utilizes residual conditioned air to maintain equipment efficiency. Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-zone configurations.

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